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Elkhorn River Catfishing

They say that 10% of people catch 90% of the fish... WE are the 10%!!

Welcome to NebrasKERN Ultimate Nebraska Outfitters! We are currently providing guided fishing tours on the Elkhorn River around Elkhorn, Valley and Omaha, NE. We take you out on our airboat so you can fish in places you can't reach by land. We catch a variety of species, but our favorites are catfish of course! Whether an experienced angler or a newbie..... You WILL have fun. You can also see so much wildlife. Bald Eagles, Ducks, Geese, Turtles, Deer, Otter, Beaver, Lizards, Snakes, Jumping Carp and more.

Many people have said "I always hated fishing because I never caught anything until I went with you!" Kevin and the team of guides are all very skilled anglers at catching all the species and sizes of catfish. Our goal is to have you experience the true potential of what these rivers can offer.

So if you are looking to catch a whole bunch of fish or you want to catch that trophy class fish of a lifetime- NebrasKERN is THE guide!! Leave the real work to us. Just hop in, sit back and enjoy!!

What's so special about catfishing?

Rather than casting your line over and over, we park at a hot spot and let the current do the work. We will move as much as we need to in order to get them

When the cats are biting you better be ready! As soon as your bait hits the water, you will be getting bites. The action is fast paced. And even better, the big boys that we are going for, love to fight! When you and your buddy are fighting monsters at the same time, it's an incredible experience.   

When is the best time to go fishing?

That's a common question. As water warms, catfish migrate upstream to spawn. This is especially true of Blue and Channel Cats. Catfish behavior and patterns are all relative to water temp and water quality. Cats don't have a calendar. However, catfishing is good all year long. It can slow down during the spawn, but you can focus on a specific species of catfish to increase your success.

Also as the water warms and water temps stabilize, the catfishing action will go CRAZY!! The warmer weather will make cats much more active.

So when is the best time to go out? ANYTIME YOU CAN! You can't catch em from your couch!

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